New website !

Like many others, I give up on wordpress and move my blog to static pages. There is plenty of discussion over the web about the rationale behind this. Basically:

  • no more database to maintain
  • faster
  • ability to write my posts with my favorite editor
  • easy version control
  • markdown support
  • ...

This was also an opportunity to learn python (good) and css3 (not good).

I wasted far too much time trying to understand the HTML box model. Or I should rather say the various HTML box models. I hate "table-cell" and "margin: auto". Trying to center something vertically was quite complicated. Getting a 'div' to have a display aspect ratio independant from the viewport resolution was more like brain torture.

Source code

I am a bit out of time right now so the code is still quite messy. I won't say it is as messy as the wordpress code but still not very clean. That was not really the initial goal. Anyway, it's all available on github of course.

Coming soon

  • phone support (aka responsive, fluid, grid, media-query, [insert your favorite buzzword here]). edit 2014/01/09: done :-)
  • nicer 404 error.
  • syntax highlighting for code sections
  • some markdown fixes.

Hope it'll work correctly. Please tell me if it does not.