HTTPS is now the default

Following recent advice, this website now uses an encrypted connection. You can browse all the wonderful content here (including rabbits) without (theorically) being spied on.

I used a startssl certificate. Startsll gives free certificates and last time I checked, their Certificate Authorities were bundled in major web browsers, meaning no scary warning. If you have some, please tell me.

PGP key

I also took this opportunity to publish my PGP public key. You can find it here:


The OVH web hosting I was using previously does not allow custom SSL certificates so I moved to a VPS classic 1 instance. At 2€/month it's not that expensive and much cheaper than a micro EC2 instance. Let's see how it behaves...

Edit 15/04/2014: Turned out HTTPS was not enough to prevent eavesdropping. The instance has been patched last week to fix the heartbleed bug.

Lock photo by Thomas